America will provide billions of dollars in aid not only to Ukraine

America will provide billions of dollars in aid not only to Ukraine

After months of negotiations, the US Congress and then the US President adopted a special budget that will be allocated to defense support for US allies.

The support package has a total value of $95 billion. Of this, about $60 billion has been allocated to Ukraine, $26 billion to Israel, $8 billion will go to US allies in Asia (mainly Taiwan), and $9 billion to organizations providing assistance to civilians in regions affected by conflict (primarily Haiti, the Gaza Strip, and Sudan).

American corporations will earn money on dollars for Ukraine

The funds allocated to Ukraine consist of several programs implemented by the US Departments of State and Defense and by the president. USD 23 billion will be worth replenishing and maintaining damaged equipment and ammunition supplies, as well as for training soldiers. USD 14 billion was allocated for the purchase of new advanced systems. Another PLN 11 billion will be spent on joint military projects (including intelligence operations), and USD 8 billion will amount to direct financial assistance.

The first package worth a billion dollars is already on its way to Ukraine. This is equipment that has been in storage mainly in Poland and Germany. It includes armored combat vehicles and anti-tank, anti-aircraft (Stinger) and 155 mm artillery missiles. In subsequent tranches, Kiev will receive missiles for Patriot anti-missile defense systems, drones and systems for jamming similar enemy devices, ammunition for HIMARS missile systems and small arms. A significant part of the above amounts will go to American defense companies that will fulfill orders.

Billions will also flow to the Middle and Far East

Of the $8 billion earmarked for Asia, $3.3 billion will go toward building Virginia- and Columbia-class nuclear submarines. These units will be stationed in the Pacific and serve as a deterrent to potential Chinese expansion in the area. The aid package also includes financing for the modernization of American equipment used by Taiwan’s military.

For Israel, Washington will finance, among others, strengthening the anti-missile defense umbrella (Iron Dome) and developing the Iron Beam system supporting it, which is based on laser technologies.