Young Polish women are interested in investing - Polish Economy Forum

Young Polish women are interested in investing – Polish Economy Forum

Most Polish women assess their own financial situation well, and younger women are increasingly interested in investments.

Exactly every third Polish woman is interested in investing money – according to a study by Credit Agricole bank. Among women aged 16 to 25, this percentage is even higher and amounts to 55%.

The Credit Agricole study also revealed that 55% of Polish women are looking for ways to save, and among women aged 16-25, the figure is 59%. At the same time, 60% of Polish women assess their financial situation well, and again, it is seen best by women from the youngest generation, and worst by those from the silver generation, i.e. those born before 1967. In total, however, as many as two-thirds of Polish women are worried about their financial future.

Credit Agricole analysts say that Poles manage their finances well and try to look for various opportunities to increase their wealth. More than half of respondents sell clothes, equipment or furniture that they do not use, instead of throwing them away. This trend is most visible among younger generations. 76 percent women try to repair broken equipment (electronics, household appliances, furniture) instead of buying new ones.

In addition, the study shows that 86% of women actively seek out discounts and promotions, even if it requires time and effort. Polish women are also ready to work extra hours to supplement their budget. 45% of them declare their willingness to do so.