The government does not plan any changes to PPK

The government does not plan any changes to PPK

The Ministry of Finance does not want any changes to the Employee Capital Plans. We plan to cooperate with the investment fund industry.

On February 15, there was a meeting between the Minister of Finance, Andrzej Domański, and the president of the Chamber of Fund and Asset Management, Małgorzata Rusewicz, during which they discussed the role of investment funds in the development of the Polish capital market. After the meeting, Minister Domański assured that the government did not want to introduce changes to the PPK.

During the meeting, the topic of the EU concept of the Capital Markets Union was discussed, and the participants agreed that it is important to increase the financing of the economy with the participation of the capital market, including investment funds.

The Polish economy needs growth, and without a developing capital market this is impossible. As the Minister of Finance, I will support its development and will conduct a dialogue with its representatives, including the Chamber of Funds and Assets Management. I would also like to assure you that the proposals for legislative changes developed in the Ministry of Finance will be consulted with the market so that they serve the competitiveness of the Polish capital market.

– said Minister Andrzej Domański.

During the meeting, the Chamber representatives also pointed to the need to stabilize the functioning of the pension system and maintain the key assumptions of Employee Capital Plans, and also called for the development of systemic incentives for individual investors and companies, including the waiver of capital gains tax for long-term investments.

The need to modernize and de-bureaucratize the Polish investment fund market, including transferring processes to the electronic sphere and creating a legislative environment conducive to the development and competitiveness of the capital market, was considered crucial. The Chamber also pointed out the need to develop professional corporate governance in State Treasury companies in order to protect against excessive political influence.