Polish investors remain optimistic - Polish Economy Forum

Polish investors remain optimistic – Polish Economy Forum

Almost half of Polish investors expect their returns on investments in the next 12 months to be higher than a year earlier.

As much as 46 percent Polish investors believe that investment returns over the next 12 months on a y/y basis will be “higher” or “significantly higher”, according to a study by Schroders. Exactly 39 percent. investors say their returns will remain unchanged, and 13 percent is expected to be lower.

In addition, 77% of Polish investors agree that higher inflation and interest rates mean that we have entered a new regime of market policy and behavior, which is why 52% of investors have changed their investment strategy and 40% intend to do so. In addition, Polish investors say that the following investments have become more attractive over the past six months: non-public assets – such as private equity or real estate, actively managed funds, and digital assets.

When it comes to the greatest barriers that make it difficult to invest in non-public assets in Poland, investors point to less experience/knowledge of the asset class (64%), less transparency of asset classes (62%), costs and fees (62%), lack of liquidity/long investment holding period (61%) and minimal investment value (39%). The Schroeders report stated that 15.1 percent Polish investors admitted that they would consider allocating their funds to private assets.

Polish investors were also asked what non-public assets they would like to invest in, and private exits came first, with every third respondent indicating their choice. They were followed by real estate (27%) and infrastructure and renewable energy (15%).