Poland is a regional leader in mergers and acquisitions

Poland attracts investors. The value of investments continues to grow

In 2023, the value of declared investments that foreign companies want to make in Poland has increased significantly. Our country is attractive to investors.

Until November this year. The Polish Investment and Trade Agency has already implemented projects in which companies declare investments of EUR 6.9 billion, reported “Puls Biznesu”. This is as much as EUR 5.7 billion more than a year ago at the same time.

This year’s projects supported by PAIH, apart from the value of EUR 6.9 billion, will provide as much as PLN 13,000. jobs. A year ago, the number of jobs resulting from investments through PAIH amounted to 8.2 thousand. Good investment results come not only from PAIH data, but also from special economic zones and the National Bank of Poland.

Although the year is not over yet, we can consider it an extremely successful year. PAIH is already responsible for projects worth almost EUR 7 billion, which is almost double last year’s result. Last year in November we closed more projects, but of much lower value. In terms of jobs that will be created, we have a 60% increase compared to the same period last year. higher

– Paweł Kurtasz, president of PAIH, told “Puls Biznesu”.

It is important that more and more technologically advanced projects are coming to Poland, which not only involve large financial outlays, but also give our specialists a chance for much better-paid jobs.

“Puls Biznesu” also cited data from the Polish Investment Zone, which includes 14 companies managing the zones, which issued as many as 370 investment decisions in 10 months, in which companies declared PLN 13.6 billion in outlays, which is 4 percent more than a year ago. This is to provide as many as 5.4 thousand jobs, which is one fourth more compared to 2022.