Good forecasts for the commercial real estate market

Good forecasts for the commercial real estate market

Commercial real estate in Poland is expected to experience significant growth. This is the result of the improving economic situation in our country.

In 2024, investments in commercial real estate in Poland may increase by as much as 10 percent year-on-year, according to CBRE’s “Market Outlook 2024” report. Growth will be visible in the industrial and logistics as well as residential sectors.

CBRE analysis shows that the office market in Poland’s largest cities will benefit from high tenant activity, while the retail market will be stimulated by lower inflation and growing consumer purchasing power. Growth may be limited by the uncertain geopolitical situation and high core inflation.

The survey conducted among investors also showed that Poland was ranked third in the top ten countries where the highest return on real estate investment is expected in 2024, and Warsaw – as the only capital of Central and Eastern European countries – was included in the list of the ten most attractive European investment destinations.

Forecasts regarding the economy and the commercial real estate market allow for an optimistic look into the future. Negative trends such as lower GDP growth, high inflation and interest rates are starting to reverse. The delayed impact of higher interest rates allows us to predict faster economic growth, which we should start to feel especially in the second half of 2024. Poland will also be a beneficiary of increased global activity

– said Katarzyna Gajewska, director of the market research and analysis department at CBRE.

According to investors, in 2024, and especially in its second half, the most desirable sectors will be industry and logistics, indicated by over a third of respondents, and the housing market with 28 percent of indications.