Geely will start producing electric cars in Poland

Geely will start producing electric cars in Poland

The Chinese company Geely will produce models of its brands at the Izera factory in Jaworzno. The final arrangements will lead to the selection of two models by the Chinese owner. This is to allow for sufficient production capacity to ensure the plant’s profitability and planned scale.

The case is reported by “Rzeczpospolita”. As it indicates, the models under consideration are the electric Volvo EX30 and Smart#1, and the Chinese Zeekr is also being considered, the 001 and X models of which are already available in Europe. All of the cars under consideration are manufactured on the same platform as the Izera, of which Geely is a technological partner and from which it acquired this key element.

These models will initially constitute the core of production in Jaworzno. “It should be assumed that Geely cars will constitute the majority, and their recognition on the market would allow for completing orders to fill the plant’s capacity. EMP has so far set it at 100,000 cars per year,” estimates “Rzeczpospolita”.

The talks are still ongoing and the authorities of the Polish company, although they do not reveal the details, consider this solution interesting.

– This option is on the table and it is a very rational solution because it will help us build the value chain – admits Tomasz Kędzierski, director of strategy and business development at ElectroMobility Poland, quoted by “Rz”.

According to previous declarations, the first units of Izera are to be produced at the end of 2025, and in spring 2026 they will be on the road. Construction of the factory is scheduled to start next year. Recently, Electromobility Poland, responsible for the Izera project, purchased a plot of land from the city of Jaworzno on which the factory is to be built for PLN 128 million.