How To Decrease File Usage/Inodes In Cpanel (Latest Trick)

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How To Decrease File Usage/Inodes In Cpanel

How To Decrease File Usage/Inodes In Cpanel, Most Webmaster Do Ask For A Way To Reduce File Usage Or Inodes In Cpanel Server, Here Are The The Tips To Reduce It Easily Below,

Let’s Start With The Explanation And Definition Of File Usage/Inodes In Cpanel (this is for the newbies, if you already know it, just skip)


What Is File Usage/Inodes In Cpanel

An inode Or File Usage is a record in a disk table that stores information about a file on your account, The number of inodes on your account is equal to the number of files located on your account, for example

you created a folder, then add 2 songs into it with a html file or whatever, so the number of files/inode in the account is 1 folder+2 songs+1 html file = 4 inodes.


What if  Your File Usage/inode exceed limit?:

How To Decrease File Usage/Inodes In Cpanel
File Usage Warning

Cpanel will alert you immediately that your inodes are full, this can come in yellow warning (meaning: your file usage is geeting somehow high, try to reduce it or it can come in red alert/warning which will tell you that you have used up your Inodes/File Usage.

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Steps To Reduce/Decrease File Usage Or Inodes In Cpanel

How To Decrease File Usage/Inodes In Cpanel
logs and iscache folder
  1. Clear Cache Files: Most CMS Stores Cache Like WordPress, Joomla, Which Can Use Up Inodes, You Can Reduce It By Deleting Every Files In “iscache” Or “logs” folder if your server is using Litespeed or install any cache cleaner wordpress plugin and make use of it to clear caches.
  2. Delete Used Files/Folders: This is a crucial step of reducing inodes/file usage, mind you, don’t delete any folder you like on your server, delete only the one you created yourself or any in the “Public_html” Folder Section.


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