Where Newcastle United will finish in the Premier League in each of the next five seasons – Confident

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The Newcastle United pre-season is all but gone.

We are asking various regular / irregular Mag writers a number of questions ahead of this 2022/23 Premier League season,

The idea to get a wide range of views ahead of this Newcastle United campaign.

A snapshot of what various fans are thinking about, what might lie ahead of us all…as well as reflecting on various other NUFC issues.

Next up we have GToon answering a few…

If you had to put your mortgage/energy bill on it, where would you predict Newcastle United to finish in each of the next five seasons?

5th, 2nd, 1st, 1st, 1st……

What would your team be to start against Nottingham Forest?

Pope, Trippier, Botman, Schar Target

Willock Bruno Joelinton

Fraser Wilson ASM

How do you rate the job done by the new Newcastle United owners so far?

Fantastic. I think they have done everything they said they would. They get the little things right like Shearer’s statue etc. I’m impressed by their reactions in the games too. They seem to enjoy the match as much as we do. They are promoting the ladies team which I think is important too.

It seems almost odd that they just make the right choices about things when the bloke before them just did the opposite every time. And as I’m just settling down to watch a repeat of Bullseye the phrase “let’s have a look at what you could have won” springs to mind. Ashley was worth 3 billion when he left. Could he really not have done what is being done now? This club will print money for an owner who treats it properly.

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How do you rate the job done by Eddie Howe so far?

He could not have done a better job.

He has literally turned a sow’s ear into a silk purse. His team plays football the right way and gets at teams. He is a very articulate and intelligent bloke and is liked by everyone he has worked with. He is honest and believes in hard work – a total contrast to his predecessor.

What is the minimum capacity Newcastle United need moving forward and what is the ideal capacity for the future?

Moving forward , as in the next three years, I’d say we need 60k. In the long term we need closer to 75k. A successful Newcastle United would fill Wembley every week. Back in the mid 90s we played Liverpool early in the season. We had won our first few games and the ticket demand for that game was reported to be 75k. Build it and we will fill it.

What is the fairest way to sell season tickets, who, if anybody, should get priority?

I think the people who already have them should get the chance to renew. I think it would be really complicated to try and reward fans with a season ticket chance for this, that and the other loyalty, as no doubt someone will feel let down.

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What I would like to see is the local community given tickets. Give tickets to people who are poor and can’t afford to go and maybe give an allocation to NHS workers and the people who put their lives on the line for us. Give tickets to the local schools etc and reward the people who deserve it. I’d like to think we become more than just a club, as that Barcelona saying goes.

How many tickets should be kept for sale match by match, if capacity remains at 52,000?

5004. The 4 are for me and my kids

Nick Pope or Martin Dubravka?

Pope every time. I’ve never been a big fan of Dubravka. He was great until he got injured but after that he has been average at best.

If could guarantee stay injury free next season, which five players would you choose and in what order of importance?

Bruno, Botman, Wilson, Joelinton and Trippier.

What would be your ideal final 2022/23 Premier League table, where you would love to see each club finish, in positions one to twenty?

Man city
Man Utd
West ham
Crystal Palace

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