What each of the 20 Premier League clubs have spent on signings in 2022 – True Newcastle United picture

Premier League clubs are now three weeks away from the summer 2022 transfer window ending.

With around £1.4bn already spent, this is set to beat all records, very close to now exceeding the £1.43bn spend in summer 2017 by the 20 Premier League clubs back then, plus this current one doesn’t end until 1 September.

The last window was actually pretty busy as well, relatively, January 2022 the second highest ever January window for Premier League clubs.

Which brings me to Newcastle United.

A lot of talk amongst fans about the players that have…and haven’t been signed, with Matt Targett, Nick Pope and Sven Botman arriving so far this summer.

Also, a lot of talk about the money that has…and hasn’t been spent by the Newcastle United owners so far, around £60m spend this window up to now.

For those wanting to be over the top critical, I have noticed a massive resistance to acceptance that you HAVE to include the January window action, if talking about what is (and isn’t) happening this summer.

To put a true picture in front of you all, I have pulled together the spending in both January 2022 and this summer so far, for all of the 20 Premier League clubs that will be competing in the 2022/23 season.

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As with all conversations about transfer spending, you are relying largely on estimated fees, as ‘undisclosed’ is used almost every time by every club when it comes to individual transfer fees.

My starting point was the spending this summer for each of the 20 Premier League clubs, I used the latest update (see HERE) from The Mag which was published on Tuesday 9 August which gives a running total of spending by each club (then had to add only a few extra signings from the last couple of days).

Then for January 2022 spending by the 17 Premier League clubs who were also in the top tier last season, I used a report published by Sky Sports (see HERE) that detailed each PL club’s spending that month, after the January window closed.

For the three recently promoted clubs, I used various sources to get the best idea of their spending in January 2022 but it was minimal anyway.

Total spending by Premier League clubs in 2022 (first figure in brackets is for January, then second figure is summer spending so far):

£175m (£0m + £175m) Chelsea

£153m (£93m + £60m) Newcastle United

£127m (£0m + £127m) Man Utd

£125m (£20m + £105m) Tottenham

£124m (£76m + £48m) Everton (Sky Sports massively boosted the Everton total from January, by including the full fee if Dele Alli hits all kinds of targets. The scousers are reported to be trying to get rid of him already due to his form, as they don’t want Alli to play more matches that will start to trigger the extra chunks of cash!)

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£122.2m (£49m + £73.2m) Liverpool

£119.7m (£0m + £119.7m) Arsenal

£110.2m (£14.2m + £96m) Man City

£100.5m (£0m + £100.5m) West Ham

£91m (£0m + £91m) Leeds

£80.2m (£4m + £76.2m) Nottingham Forest

£73m (£27m + £46m) Aston Villa

£56.4m (£0m + £56.4m) Fulham

£52.5m (£4.5m + £48.0m) Wolves

£52.1m (£0m + £52.1m) Southampton

£49.7m (£0m + £49.7m) Brentford

£43.5m (£10m + £33.5m) Crystal Palace

£29.9m (£14m + £15.5m) Brighton

£29m (£6m + 23m) Bournemouth

£0m (£0m + £0m) Leicester

As you can see, the spending in total by the Newcastle United owners since arriving, puts them way ahead of everybody, apart from Chelsea. It is especially significant when you take into account that this is pretty much all net spending, with minimal money received for Freddie Woodman, whilst Dwight Gayle is reported to have left on a free.

To have committed to at least £153m already, massively shows the intent of the new NUFC owners. Yes, a couple of attacking signings, on top of the seven permanent deals already completed in 2022, would be very welcome, but huge progress so far and that HAS to be recognised for what it is.

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