Leicester fans react to Newcastle United bid for James Maddison – Just loving these comments

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Leicester fans have been reacting to the Newcastle United bid to buy James Maddison.

Or should that be…recoiling?

Interesting, very interesting, to read what the Leicester fans are coming out with.

The two big things I pick up, is that their fanbase sees James Maddison as their best player AND sees £40m as a joke offer in this current transfer market.

There have been media claims that Leicester value the midfielder at around the £60m mark, whether they would / will sell at an amount heading towards that figure…remains to be seen.

Much / all of course depending on the player himself, if Newcastle up their offer.

A lot of debate / derision of course as well amongst the Leicester fans as to the suitability (or otherwise) of Newcastle United as a potential next club for James Maddison.

Leicester fans commenting via their Foxes Talk site about Newcastle’s move to try and buy James Maddison:

‘I think there is a something of the Newcastle owners trying to show ambition here given their fans have been disappointed by their business so far, rather than making a realistic offer.

If they were serious, it would be a bid almost double what they’ve initially offered.’

‘Do you seriously think a player will stay at a football club, if given the chance to play for a bigger club and having far higher earning potential, because of a training ground……?

If Maddison stays it’s because he’s happy at home and don’t want to leave his mates. Eg Vardy

It won’t be based on Seagrave.’

‘£40M? Cheeky C….’

‘Lmao £40m nice try.’

‘That is genuinely hilarious.’

‘I would genuinely give up following football if we sold Maddison to them.’

‘If the club sold Madders, the relationship between Brendan and the boss’ would be fractured badly.

Brendan’s reaction to madders last season when he very abruptly cut OPA down saying “he’s our best player”.

Anyway, Newcastle is a no go, them having Maddison in there team would be like arming a wasp with a grenade launcher and sending it off to battle. They’re woefully under equipped to be making bids for players like Maddison.’

‘I don’t agree with this. Maddison would be the perfect signing for Newcastle. Not top drawer yet in the bigger picture but will develop that way and will bring the swagger & charisma to the club that Geordies love. They are building well and have as much money as they need to make Maddison their English statement signing. He knows himself that an England call up will be more likely with the publicity around such a move.

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I don’t want him to leave but I reckon he could well go and I think around £65 mill would be good business for everyone sadly.’

‘Concerning thing is that if true they wouldn’t have bid without some indication from ours or Madders side it would be worth doing so.

They wouldn’t want to look like idiots to their fans, especially as their transfer business so far has been seen as underwhelming.’

‘Unless it’s been leaked to appease fans they are trying to sign good players?’

‘Should never sell, but if we do, should be double that bid.’

‘It’s Newcastle, they’ve looked foolish for decades and have bid on people that haven’t gone to them plenty. Don’t read too much into it.

Makes zero sense, they are half a decade away from the top 4 most probably. He could bide his time, have another good season and get a decent move.’

‘He’s genuinely indispensable, I also think he’s relatively happy here. That said with our wage structure issues in the coming years, I don’t see how we can offer players what we’ve been offering them. He’ll be able to command 200k a week somewhere and he will need to stop paying more than £100k a week so inevitably I think we’re going to lose our established players at some point.

He’s our best player, I’d be terrified of our future without him.’

‘Embarrassing offer would need to be double that. Have to question madders if he actually goes there as well.’

‘Can Imagine him in Newcastle. Geordie Shore and all that.’

‘Tbf Newcastle is a bloody amazing night out!’

‘We rinsed United for Maguire, so I imagine we’ll do the same with Newcastle and then apply an extra bit on top of what we would probably consider from other teams with the amount of cash they have available.’

‘Selling to Newcastle is different to the big 6. I don’t think he’d want to leave for them anyway.’

‘Money is money, if there are no other bidders then you have little choice.’

‘I think some (Leicester) City fans have a very inflated view of the club and its size and appeal.

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We won the league in 2016 yes, but that was a miracle, the work of God, a phenomenon. Only the season before we’d fought off relegation for 3/4’s of it.

Newcastle is a big City.

Their supporters are fanatical.

AND they have money and are expectant. It’s the start of the journey for them. They have that preseason buzz that Leicester don’t have.

I’d suggest the only things keeping Maddison here are his amazing home, which he clearly loves, and his mates. Clearly he gets on amazingly well with Vardy. Stuff like this matters at the end of the day. Loyalty if it still exists, often gets targeted not at an employer, but towards your peers and colleagues.

If big bids do come in for Madders, he’ll have to decide whether he sticks it out with mates, or he starts afresh.

Players join clubs for two main reasons. 1. Money 2. Chances of playing success.’

‘I’m happy to say there’s 0% chance he joins Newcastle. Spurs possibly but Newcastle not a chance.’

‘If I’m watching Newcastle’s recruitment compared to ours (this season and last), seeing new owners who by the way, are now the richest in the league by a country mile, they’re a club on the rise… yet Maddison wouldn’t go, because we have a better training ground? Clutching at straws much. People in life move around job wise for the experience of something new.’

‘Newcastles rise to the top is inevitable. I’m not sure why people ridicule it. And it’ll happen sooner than people care to admit. The game’s bent.’

‘15% sell-on clause for Norwich as well apparently.’

‘Man City seem to have no issue creating false sponsorship deals and getting away with it. Newcastle will have no trouble.’

‘£40m is a joke amount for him, given the oil tax on Newcastle Id be surprised if we’d accept under £70.

Either way he’s such a vital player for us I doubt the club would sell.’

‘Newcastle are not big. Their ground holds 60k, they could fill 100k, because they are literally the only big club in that City, that area. Sunderland are the next biggest club and nobody from Newcastle is gonna support Sunderland.

Newcastle haven’t won anything major in 50 years. You talk about us being nearly relegated the year before we won the league but Newcastle have actually been relegated twice in less than 15 years.

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We’ve won the Premier League, won the FA Cup, won the Community Shield and played in Europe, including the Champions League, all in less than 10 years. I will happily say that this time in 10 years Newcastle still haven’t done all of that.’

‘Selling our best player would be footballing suicide for our club.’

‘Oh make no bones about it. Selling Maddison to Newcastle would be like selling your soul to Satan.’

‘Far too good and classy a player to be going to Newcastle. Could understand if it’s a top London side, but Newcastle? Massive sidestep and not going to increase his chances of getting to the World Cup.’

‘He’ll have a better profile at Newcastle unfortunately.

I bet if he moved to Newcastle he’d be in the next England squad.’

‘I honestly don’t know what’s more insulting.

The absurdly low offer or the fact it came from f…ing NEWCASTLE.’

‘Newcastle can expect to pay 70+ for him, otherwise go and shop at Lidl not harrods

Newcastle’s owners probably have that sort of cash down the back of their sofas.’

‘Welcome to the new world.

‘Like it or not, Newcastle will probably break the top four long before we do.’

‘Reading what Newcastle fans are saying, there’s a balance of reasonable takes and then there are people saying 40 million plus Dubravka. Apparently that would be a great deal for us.’

‘What an hilarious thing to wake up to, £40 million is seriously insulting, despite all the ambition Newcastle have, if they are going to operate like Arsenal by bidding insulting amounts, they are going to become a laughing stock. For Maddison it has to be 80 million +, you can’t be considering anything lower than that.

Unfortunately though, despite the comments slagging off Newcastle, despite the comments saying “We’d be stupid if we sold our best player”. Welcome to the new World, Newcastle are coming whether we like it or not, whether it takes 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, the norm will be Newcastle trying to show ambition until they assemble a squad capable enough of breaking the top four, players like Maddison will go a long way in helping that.’

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