‘Joelinton – Happy that twenty two months later I can look back at what I said about him in October 2020’

Morning lads and lasses, what a great morning after the day / night before.

A stunning start to the campaign, completely dominating from start to finish.

Undoubtedly, the pundits will put this down to a really poor Nottingham Forest display… standard… but everyone in the ground yesterday will have seen a very energetic, fit, dedicated and well drilled team of eleven in black and white (sorry, ten :)).

Well, almost everyone, my mate in the East Stand had to endure constant moans and groans from a couple of fans in front, seemingly very disappointed with Callum Wilson’s performance. Apparently, his movement was rubbish and we desperately need a new striker. I must have been watching a different game!!!

I was in the Wonderbar after the match, where the atmosphere was electric.

Over an hour after full time, the whole place broke into song: “HE’S BRAZILIAN, HE ONLY COST 40 MILLION. WE THINK HE’S … “. Same mate turned around and reminded me of an article (see below) I had published on The Mag in October 2020, backing Joelinton after his performance at home to Burnley, I got hammered in the comments.

Anyway, as I sit here watching the highlights of the Forest match; loving that drive from Schar, the superbly crafted goal from Wilson (that deft touch) and the orchestration from Bruno, what a season we have in store.

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Eddie Howe’s Black and White Army!!!

‘The Joelinton Dilemma’ article that I had published on The Mag on 5 October 2020, after Newcastle had won 3-1 at home against Burnley the previous day:

Morning Guys,

Firstly, it was a very good result yesterday, with fine performances all over the pitch.

Secondly however, was the fact that despite Burnley starting the second half the better team and getting the equaliser, we showed character and resilience to not only get back in front… but to push on and not protect. A very deserved victory!

My point and why I am writing in is because of the praise from our fans on social media regarding Joelinton.

People are pointing out his performance and great work rate. How he never stopped; constantly giving 100% from start to finish. The frustrating thing is… he always does give 100%!

Joelinton has been played out of position, which the vast majority will agree on. He also played up top and alone with little to no support. Yet, he has still become the scapegoat for many.

I haven’t seen the abuse aimed at him on social media, but I have read about it. DISGUSTING! Those who are guilty of this are morons and an embarrassment to our beloved club!

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I have read many criticising Joelinton for his price tag as he is not nearly worth that amount of money. Just in case you are not aware, when Newcastle signed Joelinton, he did not turn around to the club and say: “I am not joining you unless you pay £40 million quid because that is what I am worth!”. I wasn’t there during the negotiations, but I’d put my mortgage on it.

I can see glimmers of hope and a brighter future because that’s my mindset. If you concentrate solely on the negatives then I feel sorry for you. Remember this: negativity is contagious!


We’re still a great club, in a great city with a great history, and with 99% great support.

We’ve got an attacking line up that will cause problems to most club sides in Europe, if not all.

We’ve finally got a goal scorer who is a natural at what he does.

We’ve got a magician on the field who has the ability to excite us every time he gets on the ball.

We’re not in the third division (still prefer that to league 2) and still clinging on to the hope that our fierce rivals will get relegated so we have something to smile about.

There is clearly a good feeling and team spirit within the squad.

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Mike Ashley will not be with us forever!


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