Jamie Carragher evaluates Newcastle United transfer business

Jamie Carragher has been analysing this Newcastle United transfer window.

Twelve weeks of Premier League transfer action kicked off on 10 June.

After three weeks had gone by, Newcastle United had already spent around £60m on Nick Pope, Matt Targett and Sven Botman. Also, FC Reims had accepted Newcastle’s offer to buy Hugo Ekitike, NUFC just waiting on the young striker to confirm.

Six weeks later and no fourth (or fifth…) signing has yet been added, Hugo Ekitike choosing to go to PSG, whilst Leicester have turned down two bids for James Maddison. On top of that, countless other players linked with Newcastle, but bottom line, no more signings…as yet.

Jamie Carragher says he would rate Newcastle’s business so far this summer as a ‘C’ grade, he believes Newcastle fans would have expected more signings to have been made by this point.

I can’t really disagree with that, as I think we probably all thought there would have been maybe at least four or five by now.

However, Jamie Carragher also says that he thinks Newcastle United are handling transfer business well and showing patience, as they try ‘to get the players that they want’ at St James’ Park (but not prepared to pay whatever prices clubs may be demanding).

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Jamie Carragher believing that with three ‘sensible’ signings already made, Newcastle will get ‘one or two more before the window closes’, which I think is also the expectation of most Newcastle United fans.

I think the bottom line, is that we can only really judge this transfer window once it closes. Including today, there are still 21 days to do business and I am confident that those couple of attacking signings Eddie Howe wants, will be signed. Just how much that raises the ‘C’ grade Jamie Carragher has currently rated Newcastle’s business at, depends on the identity of the signings when / if they are made…

Jamie Carragher speaking to Football Daily, evaluating this Newcastle United summer 2022 transfer window:

“I would say C (grade, in terms of rating Newcastle transfer business so far).

“I think you would have been expecting a lot more if you were a Newcastle fan, in terms of players coming in.

“But in some ways, I actually admire them for not doing stupid things, because people know that they have got money and bringing players in left, right and centre.

“They’re trying to wait, to get the players that they want.

“They have obviously got the centre-back Botman,

“So they have made sensible signings (with Targett and Pope also coming in), but I do think they will want one or two more before the window closes, and I think they will.”

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