Brighton fans comments ahead of facing Newcastle United – Just a touch over confident…?

Brighton fans watched their team surprise everybody with a 2-1 win at Old Trafford on Sunday.

However, maybe for Brighton fans themselves, it wasn’t such a shock, as only three Premier League games earlier they had seen their team smash Man Utd 4-0!

That of course was the end of last season, Graham Potter’s side finishing strongly after a run of only three wins in 25 Premier League matches. The Seagulls ending the 2021/22 campaign with five wins and two draws in the last eight games, the only downside an away defeat at Man City.

A bit of a strange season all round really for the south coast side, picking up 12 points in the opening five PL matches and then 17 in the last eight games. Yet only 22 points from those 25 matches that ran from late September 2021 to April 2022.

The bottom line though for Brighton fans hoping to see their team potentially go higher, was that they had a ridiculous number of draws (15) last season, including home to Newcastle just before Eddie Howe arrived at St James’ Park.

Brighton fans are used to seeing their team playing good football but not so used to seeing them win too often on home turf in recent times, only five home wins in the Premier League last season.

Indeed, after 19 September 2021, Brighton fans saw their team win only once (v Brentford) at home in the PL until defeating Man Utd 4-0 on 7 May 2022, almost eight months with only one PL home victory.

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However, despite those home stats, no shortage of confidence in the comments below, or is that over confidence…?

Brighton fans commenting via their North Stand Chat message board:

‘A straightforward win today. Newcastle are average.’

‘Could be one of our trickiest matches of the whole season.

Biggest teams open up and play against us which kind of suits us (see away form last season) but Newcastle have 11 solid players and will be amongst the best of the rest along with us.

I think the opening 15 mins will be very important and set a tone for the match as they strike me as a bit of a confidence and momentum side.’

‘Hottest game ever at the Amex?

Look after yourself people.’

‘Looking forward to this, will be a challenge and good to see where we are and whether we can continue our fine home form.

We’ve moved downstairs to the lower west so won’t be missing the climb today, hopefully oxygen will be made available for those remaining.’

‘Well I’m not sh.tting myself over smug Eddie’s Newcastle looked good against Forest so what. Come on Albion do the sports washing northern c.units’

‘Being at home and the temperature due to be so hot may well mean we switch to more of a possession game and less pressing.

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Hopefully people will accept it’s the conditions if we do. Need to keep our heads as well, remember the sweltering conditions against Southampton when Andone got sent off and did for both our chances of winning the game and his own Albion career.’

‘MASSIVE GAME. Albion could be fighting for a similar league position to these Geordies this season- it’s got 6 pointer written all over it. Must win.

They won’t be used to our Mediterranean weather- heats gonna get at them like Jack Charlton at an Ireland game USA ‘94. Get GP a huge white baseball cap and chuck water on the pitch in plastic bags.

I’m going for a 3-2 win against a wilting Newcastle side. UTA.’

‘Think it’ll be 6 points out of 6 with a 2-1 win for us.’

‘I think both managers will be quite happy with a draw after both winning last week.

Personally think come the end of the season there won’t be a lot of points between the sides in the table.’

‘We all know smug Eddie is tough to beat, 1 each.’

‘My boy is one of the mascots today, so I’ve asked him to slap Dan Burns legs.’

‘I’m guessing that’ll be his calves rather than his thighs.’

‘Got a good feeling about this one: 3-0 Albion.’

‘Not too confident and actually think the performance is more important than the result today. Never thought I’d say that. It’s a momentum thing. We won’t get stuffed but think we’d do well to get a point.’

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‘Well, I was supposed to be working today, but for issues, now I wont be.

I did well to hide my excitement when told this morning.’

‘They are not going to score.

3-0 to the Albion. 1 in the first half and two more after 70 minutes. Nailed on.’

‘Looking forward to this but for once I am glad not to go to the Amex today.

I do not take the heat well and the forecast temperature would do me in.

No prediction from me about this.

It is anybody’s game.’

‘They’re a good solid side but I think we’ve broken the home hoodoo and think we’ll win 3-1.’

‘In light of the turbulence / fickle fans at United I had a quiet optimism about last week’s game. Always felt if we didn’t concede in the first 20 minutes, United’s confidence would drain. And the fans would be a big part of that.

But NUFC couldn’t be in a more differing situation. The mood at the club is buoyant. Their fans will cheer them to the end (regardless of the score) and they have a very decent team indeed. Excellent midfield combo too.

Cautious 0-0 or 1-1.’

‘More of the same please but I’m going for a 1-0 win for the good guys.’

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