Brighton fans comment on 0-0 draw with Newcastle United – Interesting

Brighton fans saw their team win only five times at home in the Premier League last season.

Indeed, after the 19 September 2021, the Seagulls won only one home PL match until 7 May 2022. Almost eight months with only that single PL victory at the Amex Stadium.

Brighton fans though seeing their team end last season well, including a 3-1 win over West Ham, 3-0 victory against Wolves, plus a 4-0 home defeat of Man Utd.

So having won 2-1 at Old Trafford in their opening game, a lot of Brighton fans very optimistic about their chances against Newcastle United.

Interesting then to read their comments post-match, after they had watched Newcastle United keep a fifth clean sheet in their last eight NUFC PL matches.

So what did Brighton fans think of the goalless draw…one Newcastle player getting plenty praise anyway!

Brighton fans commenting via their North Stand Chat message board:

‘You know what, now that we’re a bit good I don’t think I’m enjoying it so much. It’s that half expecting to win, thinking we should win, that makes it so nervy when we’re not winning, or when we’re only one goal ahead knowing our opponents could get a freak and undeserved goal and spoil it all. Relief rather than joy at the final whistle!

Like today, after playing well – but coming up against the MOTM in goal (seems to be a bit of a trend with us!) – to find that we’re still trailing behind Leeds Unted and the Saudis!’

‘I see Newcastle fans wondering about the number of empty seats in the home stands today.

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I presume that they don’t know about our stupid policy and clunky procedure for sharing season tickets which is always particularly evident during school holidays.

I was really hoping the club would see sense this season and allow us to transfer tickets to anyone who is a registered fan and without this rip-off £20 for the season ticket holder (we’ve already paid for the seat) and the person you want to share it with.

Well if Barber is happy with 10% of seats permanently empty of people who would otherwise spend money at the Amex and support the team then so be it…’

‘Good game. Although we had better chances, Newcastle shaded first half when we were poor.

Very good after break and should have had 2/3. No weight behind any of the goal efforts saved or Lalanas header.

On basis if Gross had a left foot it was a very easy chance so a terrible miss.

Lucky in first half with space given to them on right. Was missing Cucurella there because Trossard is no defender. I would not make a manager because couldnt understand why Howe didnt put his tricky winger on that side to attack this weakness.

We know Burns strengths and it certainly not at LB. Again surprised Lampty didnt come on earlier to take him on.’

‘Dunk absolutely owned Callum Wilson.’

‘I never felt Dunk bested Wilson.

Now sure a fully fit CW is a seriously slippery fish and it was brutally hot and Webster didn’t have his best game, but at no point did I have any ‘all day long’ thoughts.

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For me Dunk most definitely didn’t unpack Wilson from his pocket, like he has done with so many other centre forwards.

But Webster Dunk and Veltman combined were more than a match.’

‘As my mate said to some Geordies after the match… “I bet you lot will be kissing the Pope’s ring tonight”. My laughter all round…’

‘Pope saved them not just from losing but from losing big . Very lucky magpies ….very and they know it.’

‘Superb display from Pope and some very fortunate goal line clearances… we were unlucky today and it’s a measure of how far we’ve come that we’re (if you’re like me anyway) slightly frustrated that we blew it as it’s tough in the top 8 or so … yep, that’s the reality.’

‘Pity we couldn’t get all 3pts but a great 2nd half where Newcastle were hanging on. Plenty of times in previous seasons we’d have lost to a sucker punch. Playing like we did in the 2nd half will get us plenty of wins.’

‘I thought that was the best goalkeeper performance at the Amex since Marshall for Cardiff City.’

‘Agreed. Sucks to not get one past him, but have to give the dude credit. He will save a ton of points for Newcastle this season I believe.’

‘Newcastle shaded the first half ,the Albion battered them second half. Could easily been 3-0.

All that money spent by the Geordies and they were hanging on and time wasting. They stole a point.’

‘I thought in the first half that Howe and, of course, Ashworth had done their homework. Welbeck was too isolated and we rarely had an out ball. We were, however, tremendous in the second.’

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‘That Newcastle goal led a charmed life and that wasn’t even counting Pope playing out of his skin. About the closest we could come to winning without actually winning.’

‘Newcastle hasn’t ever won at the Amex, and we can’t beat Eddie Howe teams so a draw was inevitable.’

‘Am I alone in feeling a mixture of confusion, nervousness and excitement whenever Mwepu gets the ball?

I sometimes get the feeling he has no clue what will happen, the sublime or the ridiculous.

He almost assists a goal with a perfect cutback, then controls the ball into the stand. He is nothing if not entertaining to watch!

‘The mwepu comment is very much what made Fastino Asprilla a great!’

‘We’ve played a team many expect to make a big noise this season and we’ve neutered them. Shame we couldn’t finish the job but that’s two matches we’ve largely bossed now. We’ll only make the next level when we crack the code of turning these draws into victories.’

‘Pope was good wasnt he, was behind the goal 2nd half, some of the saves he made were, well World class.’

‘Thought Newcastle played very well to prevent us playing how we wanted to, I think that was their main aim, even then we had the better chances and ‘should’ have won.’

‘Well earned point, despite the Pope’s visit to the Amex.’

‘I’ll take that. Good performance against a dangerous side.’

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