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in this article, we will discuss about ayra starr biography, her net worth in 2022, her age, the record label she was signed to, her sisters, her current boyfriend and the total awards she has collected all through her career.

before we contine the story, let’s start with an introduction:

Who Is Ayra Starr?

Ayra Starr (born 14 June, 2002) is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and model, She was Born in Cotonou and was signed to Mavin Records, a Nigerian music corporation record label founded by Don Jazzy.

Ayra Starr’s Biography

Background Data & Bio

Ayra Starr
Full Name: Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe
Gender: Female
Age: 4 June 2002 (20 years old)
Net Worth: USD$200,000 (83 million naira)
Origin: Edo State
Nationality: Nigeria
Record Label: Mavin Global Holdings
Profession: Singer, Songwriter
Instagram: @ayrastarr.


she began a fashion career at the age of 16 with Quove Model Management before deciding to pursue her music career, After covering several songs by popular artists on Instagram, she posted her first original song on her page in December 2019 which caught the attention of Mavin Records Owner, Don Jazzy, and led her getting signed.

i think we know pretty little about her bio now, let’s get to know about ayra starr personal info:


Personal Life

Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe was born on 14 June 2002 in Cotonou, Bénin and grew up there and in Lagos, Nigeria, She was born to Nigerian parents from Kwara State and has four siblings: brothers Ade and Dami, two sisters Tolulope and Jesutunmise, Her family moved frequently during her high school years because of her father’s business, and as a result she had a hard time forming close friends.

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Early Life

She was born on 14 June 2002 in Cotonou, Benin, and full raised in Lagos, Nigeria, She was born to Nigerian parents from Kwara State and has four siblings, At This Time, She has a net worth of $100, Her family moved frequently during her high school years because of her father’s business, and as a result she had a hard time forming close friends.



Ayra Starr is raised in a music-loving family, her interest in singing comes mostly from her family. At the age of 10, she sang in a high school choir and began writing songs with her brother, She attended Les Cours Sonou University and received a BA degree in international relations and political science.

Ayra Starr was early signed by Quove Models, a modelling agency located at Lagos, During This Period, she modelled for companies such as Mazelle Studio, Complete Fashion Magazine and Esperanza Woman and has a net worth of $400.

In 2019, She began posting covers of songs by artists like Andra Day and 2Face Idibia online, She was offered a small role to appeared in the music video for Eri Ife’s song, Dear Future Wife, and she was paid awesomely, which boosted her net worth from $400 to $1200.

In 2019, She finally uploaded her music single titled “Damage” on her Instagram page, This music single lyrics has taking her alot of time to think and write, After Sometimes, Her Music Started Getting Attention and was heard by thousands of people including label executive Don Jazzy, which led her to first recording contract with Mavin Records.

In 2020, Ayra Starr decided to release a EP album, shortly after the release, her EP became the number-one album in Nigeria iTunes and Apple Music.

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In March 2021, her EP has reached the same position on Apple Music in 4 other countries, getting over 16 million streams across Spotify, YouTube and AudioMack, The project spawned the hit track “Away” which peaked at number four on Nigeria’s TurnTable Top 50 and number 17 on the US Billboard Top Triller Global.

Its accompanying music video also debuted on MTV Base’s Official Naija Top 10, From Her EP Album, Her Net Worth Surge to over $100,000, all from her album sales globally on iTunes and stream profits on Spotify and Apple Music.



Ayra Starr Net Worth

this is literally the most question about Ayra, here we provide you the right information about how much ayra starr worth in 2022:

Net Worth: USD$250,000 (104 million naira)
Source: Album Sales/Streams.

Ayra Starr is one the best vocal music artist in nigeria and in the mavin records in general, she has a net worth of $250,000 (83 million naira) in the year 2022.

What Is Ayra Starr Net Worth In Naira?

she has an estimate net worth of $250,000 and the coversion in naira equals 104 Million Naira.


Ayra Starr Age

now let’s move to know about the second biggest question asked about her, which is:

How Old Is Ayra Starr?

Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe was born on 14 June, 2002 (20 years old) in Cotonou, Bénin and grew up there and in Lagos, Nigeria, Ayra Starr was born to her Nigerian parents which are Mr And Mrs Aderibigbe from Kwara State. she is currently 20 years old.


Ayra Starr Record Label

Ayra Starr posted her first original song on her page in December 2019, This caught the attention of the record executive, Don Jazzy, and led to her signed to, Mavin Records, a company that signed Rema, Boy Spyce, Magixx, Johnny Drille, Tiwa Savage and many more.

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Ayra Starr Sisters/Brothers

she has four siblings which includes two blood sisters: Tolulope and Jesutunmise, and two brothers: Ade and Dami.


Ayra Starr Boyfriend

Singer Ayra starr relationship seems confusing to most of her fans, this is what brought the fans spreading rumors of Ayra starr dating Rema, in this article, we will give you the right information on who Ayra starr is really dating:

Who Is Ayra Starr Boyfriend?

Ayra Starr is not seen in any relationships yet, Rema clarified that he is not dating ayra starr, he also stated on his interview with Channels Television:

that they are just close friends and they shared same record label as well.

Few Days Later, Ayra Starr posted on her twitter page saying that she is in relationship:

and also 5 days later, Rema also posted this:

at first, you will think they are both upto something, yeah, they never disclose their real relationship status to the public. if we later find her boyfriend, we will update this section.



Ayra Starr Awards

  • Net Honours (Breakout Artist of the Year).



Ayra Starr Songs

this are the list of ayra starr songs, starting from year 2019 till date:

19 & Dangerous (Album)

  • Bloody Samaritan
  • Biggie Beggie (Featuring’ Ckay)
  • Fashion Killer
  • Lonely
  • Cast
  • Bridgertn
  • Karma
  • Snitch
  • Toxic
  • In Between
  • Amin.


  • stars (single)
  • Memories
  • Ija
  • Away
  • Ditr
  • Sare.


Ayra Starr Albums

  • Ayra Starr EP (2021)
  • 19 & Dangerous Album (2021).


Social Handles

  • Instagram: @ayrastarr
  • Twitter: @ayrastarr.


Ayra Starr Photo Gallery


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